T50 trimaran

by Egor Korzh
Azov, Russia

We attract investors for the construction of the T50 cruise trimaran and its subsequent work in a yacht charter.

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Egor Korzh

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Egor Korzh
Azov, Russia
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We are a strong team of engineers and technologists with experience in production implementation, and skippers, experienced in European yacht charter. We are offering an interesting project of a sailing-cruising yacht, outgoing its competitors in the performance and having a considerable economic strength.

About T50 trimaran:

T50 is a sailing yacht-trimaran with electric drive (length 50ft = 15,2 m) of cruiser-racer class (or sport cruiser class). It is designed to work in yacht charter.

The yacht’s main advantage is ability to work all year round (in the Mediterranean – from May to September and in the Carribean – in the winter). This advantage is gained thanks to the best performance within the class which allows to ferry the yacht safely and rapidly across the Atlantic when the season changes.

T50 outgoes its competitors in speed, comfort in motion (less pitching), safety and handleability. The closest analog is Neel 47 trimaran (built in La Rochelle in small series).

We have built and tested the small prototype T23 and the first full size prototype T52.

The main point of this plan is to build the first serial T50 and start operation in yacht charter. The designed payback period is 2,5-3 years with further efficiency of 45-60% yearly.

In the Mediterranean, the charter season lasts 5 months, from May to September. The average operating time of one boat in Greece is 22 weeks per season (according to the information from our colleagues in yacht charter business). The price of one week’s charter of a similar yacht is € 6.000-11.000. The yachts are kept onshore during the winter. The yacht charter operation in the Carribean sea and Thailand is organized in the same way, the high season lasts from November to March there.

Thanks to the Canaries – Caribes transfer (within the ARC race) and back, the season is extended from 5 to 11 months.

The main target of the second stage is T50 production in small series for charter companies and private clients. We consider it likely to succeed because of considerable superiority over the competitors.

The manufacturing costs of each T50 is € 368.000-425.000 (depending on the location and local taxes).

The price of the European analogs is € 700.000-800.000.

The profit distribution at the first stage:

1 type: the investors are equity holders in the project, the profit is distributed pro-ratio to the share in the total investment amount.

2 type: a liability commitment to pay a fixed amount within each season.

Contributions starting from $35.938 are accepted.

The funds raised will be used to build one T50 trimaran and consist of: materials cost, wages, equipment and spares, hangar rent, transport and extras.

About our team

Egor Korzh – the author, chief designer, director.
Functions: general arrangement, engineering and hulls and foils hydrodynamics computations, sails engineering, production technology, general project management. Experience in engineering and building of hydrofoil sailing yachts T23 and T52. He directed a small series production of sail and motor boats and posesses a considerable technical expertise. He has worked as a skipper-instructor in a sailing scholl in the Mediterranean, worked as a skipper in yacht charter and knows this business from the inside.

Roman Averyanov — highly qualified structural analyst. Functions: 3D-modelling of inboard constructions, durability and weight computations, WCD elaboration. Experienced in aviation and our previous projects, very self-motivated and effective.

Vladimir Soshenko — experienced electronics and system engineer. Functions in the project: design of all electrical grids and the board computer, navigation equipment assembly. Worked on the T52 project. Skilled yachtsman, knows what properties the yacht’s electric system must have.

Vadim Vorobiev — aero- and hydrodynamics engineer. Functions: the hulls CFD-optimization, run on wave modeling. Worked on the T52 project and also on some European racing yacht projects. Has some experience in the sailing sports.

Dmitry Popugaev — administrator, logist. Functions: negotiations with the materials and equipment suppliers, logistics, finance, administration. Ex-aviation navigator, senior manager in large companies. Amateur yachtsman. Participated in T23 project.

Ivan Morozov — professional skipper and charter manager. Functions: yacht’s commercial operation management, contacts with the clients and sailing schools, original tours management. Experienced as a charter skipper, knows all details of the business and has his own client base.

All the team members have experience of working together. We are a well coordinated team with good mutual understanding.

The workshop team (12 persons) will be formed when the project starts, partially (up to 50%) of the specialists who took part in our previous projects.

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