This is a breed of dogs on the verge of extinction

by Сырым Есендаулетов
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Fundraising for the construction of a new kennel for dogs of the Tazy breed.

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Сырым Есендаулетов

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Сырым Есендаулетов
Karaganda, Kazakhstan
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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My name is Yessendauletov Syrym, I’m from Kazakhstan. I have been breeding greyhound Central Asia, which currently stands on the brink of extinction.

In our country only a few fans of this breed are engaged in cultivation. The number of Tazy dogs every year decreases.

I ask all caring people to donate money for the preservation of this unique breed of dogs that we inherited from our ancestors. In the coming years, we may lose this breed forever. Money is needed for the construction of a new nursery and an increase in the livestock of this breed.

Tazy – elegant, dry Central Asian greyhounds  – the product of centuries-old hunting culture. Tazy-known since ancient times. The main area of distribution – Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekskistan. – Read information about the breed of dogs on my site!

The country remained 300 dogs of this breed. In the years 1970-1980 there were 9,000 dogs.

We need the money to build a new kennel.

Please donate for a noble cause! During the data in the country, only about 300 dogs in 2019 yers. Breed on the verge of extinction! Only very few people in the country are engaged in cultivation. Help preserve this unique breed. We look forward to the sponsorship of the.

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