TerraGreen – Blockchain Platform for Renewable Energy

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Kajang, Malaysia

TerraGreen Coin belongs to Platform Coin and we raising fund by issuing TerraGreen Coin.

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Kajang, Malaysia
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We are developing TerraGreen Blockchain Platform for Renewable Energy Sector and introduced platform coin to fuel this platform.


We are doing ICO and IEO as well.

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In the past few years we have experienced the adverse effects of climate change, the need for renewable resources increased too due to that. But so far, the majority of the renewable energy projects proved to be unsuccessful or failed to gain popularity as they lacked in technology and failed to retrieve the trust of the people.

Why TerraGreen?

TerraGreen was set with an aim to solve this biggest problem of climate change with the advancement in technologies in order to fuel future renewable energy projects.

The current renewable energy systems are centralized with one or more energy providers will dictate which and how much energy is produced and transmitted to everyone. With a decentralized way to support, monitor, and choose renewable energy production and usage, we will offer a tool to participate. This can be done quickly with secure and trusted blockchain technology.

Climate change is a matter of concern for everyone on Earth. Trying to stop climate change is not an easy task and needs a lot of combined energy, creativity and advancements in the technology. With TerraGreen as a renewable energy platform, we are building a way for people to involve in energy production so that everyone can participate in stopping climate change.

How TerraGreen Helps?

TerraGreen seeks to connect energy projects with blockchain technology and solve the immediate problem of climate change and waste management with advanced technology. Therefore, TerraGreen has signed contracts with multiple renewable energy companies after the foundation of TerraGreen in 2018.

TerraGreen will help renewable energy producers to gain capital directly from its consumers and investors. It will develop a sustainable ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology. On TerraGreen platform users will get detailed information about the profitable renewable energy projects transparently.

TerraGreen introduces transparency in its ecosystem and connects its users in a way that users will be able to monitor the production and consumption of their energy. The main goal of TerraGreen is to build a renewable energy platform where different energy tokens can be created, traded and used.

What is TerraGreen Coin?

TerraGreen introduces TerraGreen coin in its platform to assure growth and development of future and upcoming renewable energy projects. The TerraGreen coin will be a platform coin and utility coin. We can say that the TGN (TerraGreen Coin) Runs the TerraGreen platform.

TerraGreen is developed in 4 stages

It will start with token creation first for renewable energies, these tokens will be known as energy tokens or TerraGreen coin as it will be backed by the real energy.

In the second stage, TerraGreen will establish a partnership with energy distribution companies to accept particular energy tokens as a payment from the consumers.

Stage 3 will connect the energy token price that the consumer is buying with the token created from the renewable energy power plants.

In the last stage of TerraGreen, TerraGreen will expand its energy network to the transmission company. Ultimately, TerraGreen will also present Carbon Credit into its platform which will provide a possibility to earn credits for its investors.

And hence by growing with all these stages one by one we can slim down the payment processes a lot and directly deliver green energy to the consumer.

TerraGreen is currently in the phase of fundraising through ICO, IEO, and private investment. At the same time, the preparation of different use cases has already been started.

TerraGreen Use cases

Hydrogreen Amplifier

 The Hydrogreen Amplifier is designed to cut fuel costs in petrol and diesel engines. Essentially, the Hydrogreen Amplifier, a renewable energy product, produces hydrogen and oxygen gasses via the electrolysis process. On the basis of fossil fuel demand, the green gasses supplement the fuel and increase combustion force in the engine chamber.

By introducing the Hydrogreen Amplifier onto the TerraGreen Platform, we create a direct connection to the customer and a possibility for everyone to reduce fossil fuel consumption and following the idea of TerraGreen with making the earth a greener place. Usage of the Hydrogreen Amplifier can be tracked and transformed into green energy tokens, which are connected to the TerraGreen platform.

2.4 MWe Biomass Gasification Power Plant

The technology, to be employed in the power plant, is a well-proven fluidised bed gasification system. The usecase plant will be using feedstocks in the form of forest and agricultural wastes. The gasification plant will be comprised of three units of gas engines, in balance supporting auxiliaries and ancillary plants.

The plant converts treated biomass wastes into a medium calorific product gas. The produced gas is combusted in a gas engine for the production of electricity. The plant is capable for the production of 2.4 MW of electricity. Energy token will be created for power project with help of TerraGreen Platform. With buying those tokens the investors can actively participate in the renewable energy production and get a return of investment.

Importance of TerraGreen Coin in Development of TerraGreen Platform

With the implementation of smart contracts in blockchain technology, the TerraGreen platform coin is connected with every token transaction to a small percentage and therefore keeps the system running. As the use of tokens will increase the demand for the TerraGreen coin will increase too which will result in the rise of TGN coin value.

Each stage of TerraGreen has its own market which will consists of multiple projects where TerraGreen will be introduced initially which will result in high demand of the TGN Coin.

The growth of TGN value will decide how far the TerraGreen project is making developments and supported green energy projects. We can also say that TGN value is an indicator of how green our planet is.

The growth and demand of TerraGreen coin in each stage:

In the first stage, every renewable energy project will create its own Energy token which will be connected to TerraGreen platform coin. Hence, the first revenue and growth of TerraGreen platform are based on Token creation. We will see different kinds of tokens and a basic growth as the new projects will start to join TerraGreen platform.

Stage Two of TerraGreen the consumers will be introduced with the energy tokens. Which will create a high level of demand and will lead to a second revenue source and rise of TGN.

Final mass adoption will come into the picture later in 3rd and 4th stages pushing the TGN demand and value even better.


Hence, enthusiastically the TerraGreen platform will be set to develop various renewable energy sources with the help of its revolutionary blockchain technology and will definitely climb the steps of success in the near future and make planet earth a better place to live. So, the success of TerraGreen is the Success of Planet earth and all of us.

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