Starting a dairy cow farm

by Pius Joh
Tabora, Tanzania

Fundraising for a cow farm.

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Pius Joh

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Pius Joh
Tabora, Tanzania
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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 I have accomplished my high school studies this year 2018 and soon am going to take my undergraduate studies.

Since I was young I was interested in keeping domestic animals. At my young age a started keeping dogs, the current dogs at home are the result of generation I started feeling so proud of this.

Still having a burning desire in my heart, I have decided  to start a diary cow farm. This farm will be located at my home place for easy management and security.

Friesian specie of cows is my best choice since it produces a large quantity of milk which will be helpful as food at home in the community around. According to the information obtained from internet, a Friesian cow can produce a minimum of 10 litres and a maximum of 24 litres a day.

Let’s cooperate together so as to do great things in the society. With your help I will be able to:

  1. Start a farm with three Friesian cows.
  2. Construct buildings for keeping the cows.
  3. Buy watering facilities and feed bunks.
  4. Have a veterinary officer for consultation of the cows general health.
  5. Grow grass for the cows pasture.

I sincerely thank you for your support and participation!

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1. Gratitude in social networks.

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2. Well packed bottles of milk from the cows (10 bottles of 1 liter)

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3. Well packed bottles of milk from the cows (20 bottles of 1 liter)

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4. A photo album of me and the diary cow farm.

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5. Visiting the diary cow farm for one person.

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