Kind hearts – shelter for homeless animals and a contact zoo in Zhukov

by Natal'ya Аndryushkina
Zhukov, Russia

1 of the 2 stages of raising funds for the Shelter for the homeless animals and the contact zoo in Zhukov

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Natal'ya Аndryushkina

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Natal'ya Аndryushkina
Zhukov, Russia
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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Greetings to all!

My name is Natalya Andryushkina (@natawa333). I’m an animal rights activist. As long as I can remember, there were always animals in our family. Animals for me are our neighbors on the planet. Each of them has its own character and impact on our life. Often I look at homeless animals and understand that we are all responsible for the fact that they were left without shelter. We have like-minded people. Recently I was a volunteer in a project to help homeless animals and saw how this can be done wisely and for everyone.

For a long time I dreamed about the possibility of an independent project in this direction. And now I feel that the time has come. There is a place, there are people, there is a need for this project, where animals would be collected, they would look after them, they would look for new owners and at the same time give joy to those who came and participated.

I need your support very much to make this all come true. Together we can do a lot!

Two stages are planned for raising funds:

  1. Implementation of design works for the construction of a shelter (sketch and architectural design) – $7426.
  2. Purchase of land, construction of a building for a shelter and connect it to communications (the amount will be clear after the work on stage 1).

I wholeheartedly thank you for your support and participation!

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