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by Goodluck Zist Assey
Tabora, Tanzania

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Goodluck Zist Assey

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Goodluck Zist Assey
Tabora, Tanzania
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The Reli Stylerz, is a local basketball team based in the Cheyo street, Tabora Tanzania in Africa, was founded in 2000 and initially played as the Reli veterans, later the New Reli Stylerz.

The Reli Veterans were founded by Tanzania Railway Cooperation (TRC) workers at 2000 who built the court at their training collage.

In 2002 they moved to New Reli Stylerz because the team came with the plan to raise basketball game in Tabora by training more young bloods and invites non-workers to train.

The team start to grow with number of players from different angles of the town that led to change the name and were renamed as Reli Stylerz.

As the team major priority and goal was based on training young bloods in which they started by training street children around the college who were able to engage with others socially as well as develop their physical attributes through sport.

The main content of the training was skills based where children got to try out passing, dribbling and shooting techniques.

At the end of the training the children got to participate in some small sided matches against the others.

Well done to all the children who represented cheyo streets After huge success over 3years Reli Stylerz team went straight to the official tournaments, in 2005 Reli Stylerz played their first tournament which they suffered defeat that they couldn’t go to playoffs.

In 2006 team played another tournament in which the team reached semi finals after a defeat of 3 games to 4.

Since 2007 till now the team is one of the greatest team in Tabora, won several trophies and generate a huge number of players.

Reli Stylerz continue with the team mission to promote basketball in Tabora also to train more children, in 2009 the team started sub teams to support team mission whereby the team came up with 5 teams:

  1. Reli Stylerz Seniors
  2. Reli Stylerz Juniors
  3. Reli Kazima Warriors
  4. Reli Stylerz Kids
  5. Reli Stylerz Queens

All those team were to support the Reli Stylerz to spread all out Tabora town, through all teams new players were raised as well as the team grew and the game grew too.

As the team grew, team leaders came with an idea to start an internal local league that will based on learning and developing team confidence, game experience and individual skills especially to young players.

In 2010 internal local league started went with the name Reli Basketball League (RBL) whereas Reli Stylerz Seniors played finals to Reli Stylerz Juniors and Reli seniors won the league by 4 games to 0.

After a year Reli Stylerz Juniors renamed to Reli Brooklyn whereby they won the league by 4 games to 1 from Reli Kazima Warriors.

Reli Stylerz became more strong therefore in 1st of January 2011 they organized their festival mostly known as bonanza named as “Stylerz Day” the aim was to remember when the team was founded.

The festival was awesome whereby Reli Stylerz Queens came infront of majority to show their talents actually it was something special while the whole event was covered by a game between to rivals who were Reli Stylerz Seniors against Reli Stylerz Juniors, the game went down by a difference of 5 points were Reli Stylerz Seniors won by total of 97pts to 94pts it was a game full of skills and challenges also a pretty to watch.

The mission of the team still running till tomorrow where more children are trained and basketball have become youth custom. Through all this journey the team also is facing different challenges such as lack of financial support whereby the team is not a party of Railway Co_operation thou it uses collage facility (playing court) therefore the team runs itself by player donations mind that majority of the team are either children or non-workers so financially the team surfers.

At the point now the team experience the scarcity of Jersey, balls and other training stuffs also the playing court is exhausted it need some renovation in which since 2000 it was built it has never been renovated but all that the team through players donations can’t achieve that all that is why we as the team we are asking for your support if you will be pleased to help.

As the team captain I advance my thanks because I believe you will consider our campaign and be the part of Reli Stylerz Basketball team.

As you have heard about our fundraiser campaign to support Reli Stylerz Team. We are aiming to raise enough amount that will help as to accommodate the followings:

  1. Rehabilitation of our playing court: our playing court isn’t in a good condition that is why we need to renovate to maintain its quality from the court, goal boards, rims, stadium lights and fans benches.
  2. Accessibility to all sports gears, since the team possesses a great number of players hence it needs a lot of sport gears such as: team jerseys, balls, corns, score boards and other stuffs.
  3. Access to trainers.

As the team grow needs to be trained professionally as it needs a team coach, physical trainer, referee trainer all these trainers are to be paid in which the team can’t bear by itself.

Our annual event, Stylerz Day will take place on 01-jan-2019 at reli court. Our theme this year is start official basketball center, and we’re looking to raise enough fund and supporters on the day.

We can’t meet our goal without the help of people / companies like you / yours.

That’s why we are writing to you. Would you consider making a donation to help sponsor our team.

Thank you in advance for your concern.

Goodluck Zist Assey
Team Captain Reli Stylerz Basketball Team


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