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We run one of Africa's standby OTC exchange


To increase our capacity we are seeking for more funding and partners for our OTC crypto exchange

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Hello world, we are Planet Exchange!

Our vision is to provide crypto and FX Liquidity for the African Market starting from Port Harcourt, Lagos and then entire continent. It does not mean we do not serve other countries but rather we are first trying to solve a problem domestically. Cryptocurrency and blockchain can be used to solve African Liquidity issues like high fx fees, Long fx remittance delays, poor tracking etc. It offers a truly transparent way to navigate payment with less issues.

For now we have been processing seasonal deals for real crypto investors as well as people seeking fx to pay school fees, import goods and as well travel expenses. We believe we can do better with more partnerships and funding. Resources are needed to take us mainstream instead of acting as contractor for other companies. That is why we build standalone OTC platform (90% ready) and P2P platform to kickstart the idea of bringing liquidity via crypto. Send Money features and hedging features will be integrated as well. This is how far we have gone. Our Partnership with major Companies like LIGHTYEAR Inc, SHIFTMARKET and CRYPTOCAP Inc will provide these Liquidity needed. On our side we will need funding up to $1,000,000 to service these partnership contract, get registered in Malta (offshore) and of cause the necessary license, legal, expertise etc

Over 80% of the funds will be used to get tokens for the partnership to enable OTC and Fx transactions in a put option contract. We already have standby clients looking for better rates and large volume deals. This is market we understand very well and are ready to increase our capacity asap. Team are based in Singapore and africa.

If you have any questions or suggestions to the author of this campaign, please ask them on the Idea Jump forum in the subject: 7.20 PLANET EXCHANGE: OTC AND P2P Crypto Exchange

To always find out the first news of our platform, subscribe now to our social networks on the page: Multilingual social networks



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