Palm sized Open-Source Computer on Beastmode!

by Rahimu Pettit
Las Vegas, United States (US)

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Rahimu Pettit

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Rahimu Pettit
Las Vegas, United States (US)
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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We are dedicated to serving the market for mobile computing products and services. We provide innovative but cost-effective technological solutions to home users, enterprise clients and every market in between. Our goal is to build a successful and sustainable company that will be a leader in providing innovative technological solutions and services building a brand with a loyal customer base.

As a philanthropist, I have longed to be in a position to truly assist in making positive change in the world, and pride my self on doing business with those who do not lack empathy or put currency before people. Intel and Microsoft has given us a chance to lead the pocket PC market and become a certified re-seller of all things Intel with a contract awaiting once we begin production and get our first 5K units sold.

OSConnectTM is a lightweight, compact and mobile alternative to bulky computer configurations and applies to a wide range of industries. Users can focus on their mission instead of worrying about configuring their IT for presentations, meetings, business processes or personal computing.

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1. Signed OSConnect T-shirt

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2. Your very own OSConnect with a PavaPro 360 Virtual reality headset Once we receive inventory.

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