Opening a Music record lable name GAME INDUSTRY #eastkiss

by Christopher Massaoe
Mwanza, Tanzania

Fundraising for studio equipment is sound recording.

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Christopher Massaoe

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Christopher Massaoe
Mwanza, Tanzania
19 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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My name is Christopher Massaoe, also known as, east kiss.

Am an artist who writes sing and produce my own afro_pop, r&b, and rap songs and other people’s songs too.

My idea is to start a music record label with a quality sound system and production tools, that will help to discover talents and reach their life time dream in music

I am living with a lot of talented youths who have no support and still wish to see their better day in a future music Carrier.

Also starting an accademy for teaching music and music production after seeing the outcome of the first campaign of starting a music label.

The collected money will be spent on:

  1. repair of the premises under the sound recording studio
  2. microphones
  3. microphones stand
  4. keyboard
  5. mid keyboard
  6. sound card
  7. monitor speakers
  8. mixer
  9. PC
  10. furniture
  11. household appliances
  12. A room rent per year

I wholeheartedly thank you for your support and participation!

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$5 - $9

1. Personal gratitude in social networks.

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$10 - $24

2. The digital version of the first recorded album

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1000 rewards left

$25 - $499

3. Gift CD of the first recorded album.

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100 rewards left

$500 or more

4. Personal gratitude with your data on the cover of 1 CD.

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10 rewards left


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