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The Project of corner Medical Centers MS / Medicus Sanitatem

Good afternoon, dear friends!

You’re welcome to our project called Medicus Sanitatem. The project was created by a team of medical professionals on the basis of «MS Bioss» with the support of “Klinik St.Georg” and the leading russian manufacturer of medical facilities Research and Production Company BIOSS.

Research and Production Company «BIOSS» works side by side with many healthcare centers: A.N. Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, B.V. Petrovsky Russian Scientific Center for Surgery, A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery, RAMS Research Center of Neurology, N.N.Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute, Sechenov University, State Scientific Centre of Coloproctology, Academician V.I.Shumakov Federal Research Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Kirov Military Medical Academy, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University and other organizations.

The aim of the project

The formation of a chain of clinics on the basis of interdisciplinary connections that help to see any disease as a whole with all its “excrescences”.

Encouragement of investment to the project in an amount equal to 37 million dollars and the formation the chain of  12 corner Medical Centers providing really high-quality and seasonable medical aid based on the up-to-date scientific-based methods and modern equipment. Nanotechnologies implementation into medicine.

As part of the project there’s a formation of blockchain platform for the direct interaction between doctors and patients. The formation of single data base for every patient that will help to perform follow-up control of the course of any disease and have a dynamic orientation to various pathological situations.

The Mission of the Project

The development of common sense philosophy in health care. Only tested and scientific-based medical methods. We deny deception and pseudo-medicine. Moderate sense, effective methods and skillful doctors – this is our creed. It’s not medicines but doctors who cure diseases. Treating patients is in the first place, an intellectual fighting with a disease where much depends on common sense and doctors’ philosophy.

The problems of modern medicine

  1. Poor value for money.
  2. Outdated methods of treatment. Lack of both time and experience doesn’t let many doctors study latest methods of treatment and besides, many doctors do not have the opportunity to visit various seminars and conferences.
  3. Sometimes doctors may not use something effective but use something available instead, thus they don’t take into account the evolution of diseases and medical technologies.
  4. Treatment for the sake of insurance medicine and not for the sake of patients’ health.
  5. Absence of helicopter vision to treatment.
  6. Absence of unified information system in medicine, and thus, lack of consistency between various doctors’ treatment of patients.

The peculiarities of the project

  • Quality pick of medical methods that have been proved to be effective.
  • The use and cultivation of the most recent advances of medical and health sciences : laser surgery, bacteriophages, nanotechnologies, modern equipment.
  • The formation of the chain: one patience – several doctors – one collective opinion – one treatment.
  • The prevention of selftreatment and hence, the prevention of any later complications.
  • Identification of early signs of diseases, the prevention of any extensive stages.
  • Comprehensive treatment of patients on the basis of cause and consequence analysis of diseases. The eradication of side and associated diseases. The complex consideration of all consequences of a disease. All our doctors work closely together with each other.
  • The implementation of patient electronic card and providing its compatibility with modern available medical standards.
  • The implementation of prudent use of antibiotics.
  • The formation of doctors’ work schedule that provides equal appointment with the best professionals in any region. Professional doctors can see patients in the units most comfortable for their patients’ demands.
  • The formation of economically safe pursuit of medical activity that doesn’t depend on any insurance companies or government grants. A doctor should be independent and think only about patients’ health.


Know – how of the project

Breakthrough innovations in the domain of nanomedicine and bacteriophages that help to do a much better job of diagnosis of diseases and their treatment. The basis of effective treatment is in the proper early diagnosis of diseases and the following proper selective treatment without any harm done to healthy organs. Our technologies and diagnostic robots help to make this three times better than any standard methods.

An offer to investors

We invite investors to become co owners of the Medicus Sanitatem Project.

The number of issued shares is 37 000 000. We set out 70% of the company on the free market.

The issue 37 000 000 tokens  the cost of 10 tokens = 7 shares.

A minimal package for sale is 10 tokens.

A bonus for shareholders

Shareholders and their family members who hold packages of more than 700 shares, will get the right to pay only the cost of production of services within the Medicus Sanitatem chain.

The points of the company’s climbing shares

  1. In the wake of rising and extension of the Medicus Sanitatem chain, the shares will be climbing as well.
  2. By the end of 2019 there will be held IPO of the company in the stock market.
  3. The opening of the clinic’s branch offices all over the world.

Company assets

– Net real estate of the clinics is in the property of 10 polyclinics with total area of 2500 square meters. One diagnostic and surgery center of 1000 square meters in Moscow.

– A working business-process that produces synergistic effect.

The medical chain margin is 21% per annum. The control of about 12% of the private health care facility market in Moscow and Moscow Region.

– Breakthrough innovations in the domain of nanomedicine, providing better diagnosis and treatment of many core diseases. Technologies in the domain of laser surgery and nanomedicine.

The stages of attraction of financial resources

1% 370 000 tokens

10% 3 700 000 tokens

100% 37 000 000 tokens

The volume of Moscow Market of medical services, according to Forbes.

According to «Finam», the volume of private health service in Russia went up to 8 % from last year and reached a total of 400 billion roubles (7 billion dollars). Forbes magazine studied the market and published the first rating of Russian private medical companies.

  1. Mother and Child (total revenue in 2016 was — 12,179 billion roubles) 206 million $

Clinic chain for female and children healthcare was founded in 2006 by obstetrician-gynaecologist Mark Kurzer. As of today, its capitalization equals $780 million. In the autumn of 2012 the group held IPO: by that moment the company included a hospital and eight clinics. As of today, the chain operates in 19 regions and includes 29 clinics and 4 hospitals: over a decade 30000 children were born in its maternity homes.

  1. European Medical Center ( total revenue in 2016 was — 9,6 billion roubles) 162 million $

European Medical Center (ЕМС), based in 1989, grew out of several medical rooms that were popular among expatriots in Moscow. Today there are five centers of this kind in Russia. The holding also includes a maternity home, first aid service, children’s service and an oncology unit. In 2006 EMC was bought by «Pharmacy chain 36,6», and a year later Igor Shilov became the owner.

  1. Medsi (total revenue in 2016 was — 9,4 billion roubles) 160 million $
  2. Nearmedic (total revenue  в 2016 году — 7,3 billion roubles) 123 million $
  3. Dr.Berezin Medical Institute (MIBS) (total revenue in 2016 was — 5,7 billion roubles) 96 million $

The development and introduction of new personal medicines created specially for a particular patient’s disease and taking into account the peculiarities of virus and bacteria mutation.

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QR code link: Medicus Sanitatem – initial distribution of tokens (stage 1 of 3)

QR code link: Medicus Sanitatem – initial distribution of tokens (stage 1 of 3)