Improvement of the Park of the Yanovsky Estate in Kaluga

by Angelika Zelenkova
Kaluga, Russia

Fundraising for the Improvement of the park estate Yanovsky in Kaluga

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Angelika Zelenkova

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Angelika Zelenkova
Kaluga, Russia
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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The park of the Yanovsky estate is one of the largest forest parks in Kaluga. But he is unwell and needs treatment – garbage collection, the resurgence of silence.

My name is Angelika Zelenkova. A few years ago, we began to do what any survivor should do. For a walk through the woods, I took a bag in which I took some garbage from the park, which my negligent fellow citizens leave. Someone must clean up after them!

It all started with a package of two trash in one walk. But it soon became clear that this is a drop in the ocean. Forest parks of our city are heavily littered, there are many spontaneous landfills, the number of which is only growing. Another problem is the increase in the number of car enthusiasts who enter the forest park on their four-wheel “horses” and punch more and more roads through it. All this, of course, affects nature in the most pernicious way. The number of living creatures — woodpeckers, squirrels, and frogs — sharply decreased. Even butterflies now flit through it much less often. The vegetation is also dying – a lot has become in the dead pines, which are falling with strong gusts of wind.

I made a plan for the improvement of the park. Among these steps are the removal of small debris along forest paths, the elimination of natural dumps, the overlapping of unauthorized roads in the park, and much more. At some stages, volunteers will be attracted (a large work day is scheduled for early spring), some actions are impossible without cooperation with the administration of parks (the connection with it is being established). If the experience is successful, the same steps will be taken in the territory of other parks of the city next year.

In the summer, my friends and I took out more than fifteen bags of garbage from the park at our own expense. To continue this activity, we need a strong garden rake on a long metal handle (about 1300 rubles), a stable, spacious garden car with a good load capacity (about 4000 rubles) and many strong bags. A lot of strong bags. Rakes and cars will also be used to clean up other forests and parks of Yekaterinburg, in subbotniks on city streets (experience shows that sometimes without a wheelbarrow, it is difficult to deliver the collected garbage to places from which garbage trucks can pick it up).

Another of the problems, strongly pressing on the health of the parks – old tires thrown out by motorists. There are more than a dozen of such places on the territory of the city, but there will be even more. The fact is that in the city there are no points for free reception of used tires – they are only accepted for money for recycling. Of course, most drivers prefer not to pay anything and throw away the used “rubber” into the forest. One of the points of my plan – removal of old tires from the park – requires at least 10,000 rubles (ordering a car, transporting tires, paying for recycling).

I hope for your help and thank you in advance!

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