Idea Jump – platform uniting authors of ideas and investors.

by Alexandr Ovsyannikov
San Francisco, United States (US)

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Alexandr Ovsyannikov
San Francisco, United States (US)
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Founder & CEO of Idea Jump. Founder & Managing partner of the International Investment and Consulting Corporation “Real Estate Group”. Business license (Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.). Business coach, business consultant. The professional in the following spheres: - - introduction of effective systems of automation of project management; - investments into the American real estate and earth; - BPM, ECM, CRM, KPI – systems; - business consulting of B2B and B2C; - IT consulting; - PR and advertizing

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White paper Idea Jump


“Every brilliant idea has to be implemented.”

– Alexander Ovsyannikov


Welcome to the Idea Jump project.

You are here because Cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO capture your attention. Just like us, you are crypto enthusiasts who see colossal prospects and potential in new technologies.

Our mission – supporting the pioneers of brilliant ideas in quickly implementing them.

We have combined the principles of crowdfunding, ICO and accelerators, when the authors of ideas receive the most comfortable conditions, allowing them to quickly put up their companies for discussion and fund-raising, and provide a convenient platform for everyone who wants to support them.

“The author of the idea is like a kid who is just beginning to walk, he stumbles and falls, gets up and goes again. We tell him to keep his eyes on the ground, be persistent, focus on the goal, draw the right conclusions from the falls, that in life one needs to take responsibility for themselves and that it’s no one’s fault when you fall, but your own. We direct him with advice so that he successfully reaches the goal. And when he’s able to walk by himself, we watch and admire his success”

This document describes the platform that runs in test mode in English and Russian languages, and the plan for the development of the Idea Jump project from 2017-2026.

If you want to support Idea Jump at the initial stage of development, please fill out the form or write to, and we will contact you.

We identified 7 main problems that are typical for crowdfunding and ICO platforms in many countries around the world, and offer their solution:

  1. The ICO is not regulated legally.
  2. Slow publication of projects.
  3. Most platforms are not multi-lingual.
  4. There is no identification of buyers of tokens, and persons who acquire them for cryptocurrency, may not have proof of legality of its origin.
  5. There are risks of theft of funds by dishonest project authors.
  6. There are difficulties in converting large sums from various cryptocurrencies, raised on the ICO, into fiat currency by the project authors.
  7. There are no legal mechanisms for obtaining funds from the authors of projects and buyers of tokens during the ICO.

A partnership program is implemented on the platform, which allows everyone to earn money.

If you think that there are still unsolved problems in the ICO, please fill out the form or email us at, and we will add a solution to these problems on our platform.

If you have a brilliant idea that needs support to be implemented – fill out the form and we will give you access to the platform.

The Universe already has an answer to the question not yet raised. If You don’t know it, then maybe You haven’t looked well 🙂

All those who support our project will be part of the change in the entire crypto economy towards a speedy legal development, bringing it to a whole new level. When all that are enlightened by brilliant ideas get a chance to realize them, from which the world will become much better!

Let’s write the story of Idea Jump together!


Idea Jump project summary

To help our project, participants need to buy the “iJproject” tokens, which are released on the waves platform.

We highly emphasize that the “iJproject” token does not represent the debt of the project or any other person and is not considered a debt obligation, does not confer ownership or security interests in our project or any other organization. The “Idea Jump project” token is not associated with other resources or properties. In order to purchase the “iJproject” tokens, you must be genuinely interested in supporting the authors of ideas that put up their campaigns on our platform, providing their skills, time, energy and experience in Idea Jump by becoming a member of the Idea Jump volunteer community. If you determine that the “iJproject” tokens can be a safety issue, then according to the rules and laws in any country, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase them and prompt you to notify us of any possible risks.

We invite you to participate in five stages of selling tokens:

  1. The first stage: the sale of tokens worth $ 100 thousand will be held in December 2017
  2. The second stage: the sale of tokens worth $ 1 million will take place in January 2018
  3. The third stage: the sale of tokens worth $ 10 million will be held in February 2018
  4. The fourth stage, the Pre-ICO: the sale of tokens worth $ 100 million will be held in March 2018
  5. The fifth stage, the ICO: the sale of tokens worth $ 1 billion will take place in April 2018

* The timing of the 2 – 5 stages of tokens sale can be changed, based on the results of the first stage.

Goals by the end of 2026:

– Idea Jump 2 platform be created and additional resources supporting 103 languages

– 256 branches of the Foundation are opened and effectively working in different countries of the world

– implemented ideas through the platform in the equivalent of $ 192 billion

At the moment, we are collecting preliminary applications for the purchase of the “iJproject” tokens, if you want to acquire tokens with a 50% – 80% bonus, fill out the form or write us on, and we will contact you.

If you have not decided how you want to use our platform (author of the idea, token buyer, subscriber, outsourcing expert, supplier of goods or services, partner, etc.), then join our groups on the social sites and you will always be informed the latest news, as well as visit our forum and ask questions that are of interest to you.

Maybe you just need a job: Are you talented or have the competence relevant to our project? Have a look at our vacancies in the Career section:

– You can become part of the Bounty team and get paid with our tokens with 50%

– You can offer your services as a specialist on outsourcing

– You can get a job as a staff member in our team

Full version of WP: White paper Idea Jump for ICO (en)

If you have any questions or suggestions to the author of this campaign, please ask them on the Idea Jump forum in this thread: 7.001 Idea Jump – a multilingual platform that combines crowdfunding + ICO + accelerators

To always find out the first news of our platform, subscribe now to our social networks on the page: Multilingual social networks

QR code link: Idea Jump – a multilingual platform that combines crowdfunding + ICO + accelerators

QR code link: Idea Jump – a multilingual platform that combines crowdfunding + ICO + accelerators



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