Flying car

by Vladimir Pikalov
Saki, Russia

Crowdfunding campaign – creating a flying hybrid vehicle

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Vladimir Pikalov

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Vladimir Pikalov
Saki, Russia
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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Greetings to all!

My name is Vladimir Vasilyevich Pikalov, I am the head of the Aviation Sports Club for 38 years on a voluntary basis.

– Technical education – a mechanic.

– Inventor of household welding machines AC, DC and argon zone.

– The creator of children’s motorcycles with a sidecar and without sidecar – for sons – in 3.5 years already went.

– Creator of the first single and double trike in the Crimea.

– Introduced car engines to trikes.

– The creator of the hovercraft.

Patentee of the Flying hybrid vehicle (Flying car – a device for vertical take-off).

I plan to create two flying cars (hereinafter FC). Single and double. Single is created to verify calculations for the carrying capacity, manufacturability of the chosen design and the ability to find manufacturers at the lowest price with the appropriate quality of the parts manufactured in aviation.

I purchased:

  1. Engine for single and double FC – 3 liters. (250 hp) from Subaru Legacy.
  2. Angular bevel gears with spiral gears used for both single and double FC.
  3. Screw for single FC.

Built hangar to create a flying car.

Total spent: 600,000 rubles ($8571,42).

To create a flying car you need to buy:

  1. Aviation three-bladed propellers 3 m. – 2 pcs.
  2. Cardan shafts – 2 pcs.
  3. Angular bevel gears with spiral gears – 2 pcs.
  4. Main gearbox – 1 pc.
  5. Vertical hubs of horizontal screws – 2 pcs.
  6. Pilot and passenger seat – 2 pcs.
  7. Battery – 1 pc.
  8. Complete wheels (with hydraulic brakes and axles).
  9. Shock absorbers – 3 pcs.
  10. Gas tank (titanium sheet for welding).
  11. Pipe bender – 1 pc.
  12. Lathe (desktop).
  13. Electronic scales 1 ton (for weighing the structure when balancing).
  14. Cylinder with argon and carbon dioxide (welding of parts and designs).
  15. Aluminum welding machine.
  16. Machine bending (for the manufacture of flight control louvers).
  17. Manual guillotine (for metal cutting).
  18. Materials (duralumin and titanium sheet, bar duralumin, carbon cloth, fiberglass, epoxy resin and resin fixer, cable, cable wiring, mesh for fencing screws, titanium pipes for profile and round for the frame, for the muffler, for fencing screws, gas line (pipes and hoses ).
  19. Engine oil, antifreeze, air and oil filters, bolts, nuts, axles of wheels.
  20. Aircraft and automotive devices (flight altitude indicator, propeller speed, speed, aircraft flight roll, fuel level, engine speed, antifreeze temperature, turn indicator, side lights, rear-view mirror.
  21. Elastic couplings – 4 pcs.

To create a single FC you need 517,500 rubles ($7392,85).

To create a double FCyou need 747,500 rubles ($10678,57).

Total needed: 1 265 000 rub. ($18071,42)

I would be very grateful to everyone who will assist in the creation of a flying car.

If you have any questions or suggestions to the author of this campaign, please ask them on the Idea Jump forum in this topic: 7.025 Flying Car

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1. Send to your e-mail calendar file for 2020 with a flying car.

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2. Send to your e-mail calendar file for 2020 with a type of flying car + we will provide access to all the photo and video reports on the construction of the flying car.

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3. We will send to your e-mail - a calendar file for 2020 with a view of a flying car + we will provide access to all photo and video reports on the construction of a flying car + personal gratitude on the site

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4. Five-minute flight as a passenger on a flying car.

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5. A ten-minute flight as a passenger in the Flying Car + Accommodation in a hotel in Saki (2 days, 1 night).

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6. A ten-minute flight as a passenger in a Flying car + Accommodation in a hotel in Saki (3 days, 2 nights) + a tour of the Crimea.

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