Book theaters

by YL
Moscow, Russia
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Moscow, Russia
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$3 - $14

1. To support for any amount. Thanks, I do not need a reward, I just want to support the project.

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$15 - $49

2. A card with a handwritten fragment (you personally). You ask a question or a topic, the author writes the text, puts the handwritten card in an envelope and sends it by mail to any country in the world.

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$50 - $99

3. Verbal portrait (first impression). The author writes your verbal portrait on the basis of that impression which will be received from acquaintance. The text is sent by e-mail.

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$100 - $249

4. All the books of Yuna Letts with signatures + a set of handwritten quotations. Four pieces: "Where the blue grows", "The rustle of the philosopher running on his axis", "The Lookout", "Mainland North, where they make glass people". Some of them are not found in stores.

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$250 - $1499

5. A story about you + a set of handwritten quotes. You will meet the author, he will shake out your soul, make a text out of it and send it to you by mail. More information:

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$1500 - $2199

6. A kiosk theater with the symbols of your restaurant. A kiosk theater with a magical situation that will take place in the interior of your restaurant.

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$2200 or more

7. Creating your personal cabinet de curiosités. We will create a house with a large study, where you can hang miniatures of your favorite paintings, make a library, put whatever furniture you want. If you want, there will be a dog or a peacock, and in the street there is a rose garden and a swing. Anything, this is your personal cabinet de curiosités.

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