Benny B – video game play, yorghut and drinks

Arusha, Tanzania

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Arusha, Tanzania
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Hi, my name is Benjamin Lissu (@bennylissu), I am from the city of Arusha in Tanzania.

I want in the city where I live to open a place for children and their parents where they can play video games and eat yogurt with drinks. I have a lot of support for this product, and I did research using a questionnaire, and found that this project is needed.

The collected amount I will going to spend for the following thing

A) General expenses

  1. room repair
  2. furniture
  3. room rental for one year

B) Video game

  1. televisions
  2. play stations
  3. games

C) Yoghurt

  1. refrigerator
  2. equipment for the preparation of yogurt
  3. products necessary for making yogurt
  4. utensils

Thank you very much, everyone who will help me to collect the necessary money.

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