Adventure notebook (questbook) in Kaluga

by Tatyana Zelenkova
Kaluga, Russia

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Tatyana Zelenkova

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Tatyana Zelenkova
Kaluga, Russia
30 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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My name is Tatiana Zelenkova, I am from the city of Kaluga, a city with a rich history. We have been creating souvenirs with a group of talented artists and active countrymen over the past few years – most of them are dedicated to their native region.

At one point, we released a small series of creative notebooks for creative travelers. They are black and white inside and out – a kind of coloring that must be filled in the course of the assignments.

The Kaluga quest book is an A5 format notebook with brackets that fits easily in a bag and backpack. On each page there is a task that can be performed only in Kaluga:


  1. Shout “Let’s go!” at the monument to Tsiolkovsky
  2. Lie down under the mock ground
  3. Buy a ticket at the monument to a student at the Drama Theater
  4. Answer a tough question in the city garden
  5. Play astronaut at the Museum of Cosmonautics, etc.

In total there will be 40 of them. When the task is done, the page needs to be painted over, and a tick should be put in a special box. However, our notebook is not at all for a tick – we sincerely believe that it will open to the guests and residents of Moscow new facets of a beautiful and ancient city.

Especially for the project, we have prepared fun rewards from the souvenir artel “Aunt Tanya” and our friends.

I sincerely thank you for your support and participation!

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1. Gratitude in social networks.

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2. The questbook in Kaluga directly from the printing press to your inbox.

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100 rewards left


3. The questbook and the delightful wooden brooch will remind you of this generous act ... and a little about Kaluga))

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4. Questbook with a bottle of fragrant oil.

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5. Questbook and the Kaluga traveler’s group.

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6. Rewards for stores. We will send 10 questbooks in Kaluga.

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