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Benny B – video game play, yorghut and drinks

Fundraising for opening Benny B

$0,00 Raised 0%
$29 750,00 Goal
41 Days to Go
Arusha, Tanzania

Fundraising for empowering of poor youth fishers in Ukerewe Island Mwanza-Tanzania.

Fundraising for the purchase of equipment for legal fishing fishing.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$9 200,00 Goal
163 Days to Go
Ukerewe Island, Mwanza, Tanzania

Helping two children in Tanzania to get school supplies.

Fundraising Campaign for helping two kids to get their school accessories.

$1 500,00 Raised 100.00%
$1 500,00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Mwanza, Tanzania

Reli Stylerz – basketball center

Fundraising campaign to start a basketball center

$0,00 Raised 0%
$28 750,00 Goal
102 Days to Go
Tabora, Tanzania

Starting a dairy cow farm

Fundraising for a cow farm.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$7 476,00 Goal
163 Days to Go
Tabora, Tanzania