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Improvement of the Park of the Yanovsky Estate in Kaluga

Fundraising for the Improvement of the park estate Yanovsky in Kaluga

$655,00 Raised 104.97%
$624,00 Goal
166 Days to Go
Kaluga, Russia

Fundraising for the construction of the Temple of Blessed St. Matrona of Moscow

The world's first charitable cryptocurrency fundraising project  for Temple construction  

$16 149,00 Raised 15.81%
$102 149,00 Goal
166 Days to Go
Zaoksky settlement, Russia

Idea Jump – platform uniting authors of ideas and investors.

Initial distribution of tokens (stage 1 of 5)

$39 700,00 Raised 39.70%
$100 000,00 Goal
166 Days to Go
San Francisco, United States (US)