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Fundraising for the festival and summit.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$1 150 000,00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Beverly Hills, United States (US)

This is a breed of dogs on the verge of extinction

Fundraising for the construction of a new kennel for dogs of the Tazy breed.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$23 000,00 Goal
4 Days to Go
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Raising for installing irrigation system for farmers in India

Raising money for installing a irrigation system for farmers village bhageshwari haryana.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$3 450 000,00 Goal
1 Days to Go
Haryana, India

Assistance to ANO “Center for Search of Missing People” of the Kirov region.

Fundraising for the purchase of equipment for the Search Center for missing people.

$467,00 Raised 4.74%
$9 857,00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Kirov, Russia

Reli Stylerz – basketball center

Fundraising campaign to start a basketball center

$0,00 Raised 0%
$28 750,00 Goal
40 Days to Go
Tabora, Tanzania

Mutual aid community in Kaluga

Fundraising to create a community of mutual aid in Kaluga

$16 502,00 Raised 100.01%
$16 500,00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Kaluga, Russia

Starting a dairy cow farm

Fundraising for a cow farm.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$7 476,00 Goal
40 Days to Go
Tabora, Tanzania

Helping two children in Tanzania to get school supplies.

Fundraising Campaign for helping two kids to get their school accessories.

$1 500,00 Raised 100.00%
$1 500,00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Mwanza, Tanzania

Benny B – video game play, yorghut and drinks

Fundraising for opening Benny B

$0,00 Raised 0%
$29 750,00 Goal
40 Days to Go
Arusha, Tanzania

Improvement of the Park of the Yanovsky Estate in Kaluga

Fundraising for the Improvement of the park estate Yanovsky in Kaluga

$655,00 Raised 104.97%
$624,00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Kaluga, Russia