Assistance to ANO “Center for Search of Missing People” of the Kirov region.

Fundraising for the purchase of equipment for the Search Center for missing people.

$467,00 Raised 4.74%
$9 857,00 Goal
8 Days to Go
Kirov, Russia

Reli Stylerz – basketball center

Fundraising campaign to start a basketball center

$0,00 Raised 0%
$28 750,00 Goal
139 Days to Go
Tabora, Tanzania

Palm sized Open-Source Computer on Beastmode!

Raising funds for making a batch OSConnect

$0,00 Raised 0%
$345 000,00 Goal
47 Days to Go
Las Vegas, United States (US)

Mutual aid community in Kaluga

Fundraising to create a community of mutual aid in Kaluga

$0,00 Raised 0%
$16 500,00 Goal
187 Days to Go
Kaluga, Russia


Fundraising for Planet Exchange

$0,00 Raised 0%
$1 150 000,00 Goal
323 Days to Go
Singapore, Singapore

Adventure notebook (questbook) in Kaluga

Fundraising for adventure notebook (questbook) in Kaluga

$0,00 Raised 0%
$1 183,00 Goal
170 Days to Go
Kaluga, Russia