T50 trimaran

We attract investors for the construction of the T50 cruise trimaran and its subsequent work in a yacht charter.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$619 922,00 Goal
60 Days to Go
Azov, Russia

International portal ads (startup)

We are looking for investors and just people who are willing to donate to the project.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$28 750,00 Goal
33 Days to Go
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

This is a breed of dogs on the verge of extinction

Fundraising for the construction of a new kennel for dogs of the Tazy breed.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$23 000,00 Goal
27 Days to Go
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Raising for installing irrigation system for farmers in India

Raising money for installing a irrigation system for farmers village bhageshwari haryana.

$0,00 Raised 0%
$3 450 000,00 Goal
53 Days to Go
Haryana, India

TerraGreen – Blockchain Platform for Renewable Energy

TerraGreen Coin belongs to Platform Coin and we raising fund by issuing TerraGreen Coin.

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$12 650 000,00 Goal
55 Days to Go
Kajang, Malaysia

Flying car

Crowdfunding campaign - creating a flying hybrid vehicle

$7,00 Raised 0.04%
$18 071,00 Goal
33 Days to Go
Saki, Russia