How to place your idea or startup on the Idea Jump platform to attract funding – instruction

Dear authors of ideas, startups, as well as all who need to attract funding, I welcome you!

Please be patient and read the entire instruction first, and then proceed with its execution!

If you want to know more about our platform, read: White paper Idea Jump

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Below is a detailed instruction how you can independently and for free for three months place a fundraising campaign on our platform.

If you, independently, cannot execute this instruction, you can use our services.

We host all fundraising campaigns, we have no requirements for their content, with the exception of campaigns whose content violates international law.

Campaigns placed on our platform can attract money by any means:

  1. Crowdfunding
  2. ICO
  3. Fundraising (charity)
  4. Private Equity (angel investor, venture capital, etc.)
  5. Other

Campaigns have achieved goals. Forum: List all campaigns. All campaigns on Google map.


To post a fundraising campaign, you must first register (if you have not registered yet), see the blog entry (steps 1-6): From 01 to 10 of December 2017 – first stage of Idea Jump tokens sale – from 50% to 80% bonuses

After registration, you will automatically be assigned the role of “Subscriber”, as you register, please write a letter (from the e-mail specified during registration) to e-mail:, Letter subject: Provide the role of “Author” to the Idea Jump platform (Your Name and Surname).

In the reply letter you will receive a message about the provision of the role of “Author” to you. If within 24 hours you do not receive an answer, please write in WhatsApp the subject of the letter.

Attention! After sending the completed campaign start form, it will not be possible to make changes to the fundraising campaign, to the author.

You need to fill out a form to start your fundraising company.

Link to form (The form is available only after your registration on the platform and the receipt of the role of “Author”, as written above.)

1. Title (example).

2. Description (example 1, example 2, example 3).

3. Short Description (example).





4. Category (select from the list).





5. Tag (more info).

6. Image (download from PC, image requirement). If you have failed to upload an image, fill out and submit the form, and send the image to an e-mail:

7. Video (link to the campaign video on YouTobe, if any).

8. Campaign start date (dd-mm-yy). and 9. Campaign end date (dd-mm-yy).

10. Minimum Amount (minimum payment from one Backer). and 11. Maximum Amount (maximum payment from one Backer).

12. Recomended Amount (for payment by one Backer, an example of how it will look on your campaign page, the amount can be changed manually).

13. Funding goal.

14. End Method (choose from the list).

15. Contributor Table (choose if you want the Backer to be displayed in a table on the campaign page, an example).

16. Contributor Anonymity (specify if you want to make the Backer anonymous).

17. Country (choose from the list the country where you are running the campaign).

18. Location (write the city in which you are campaigning).

19. Reward Option.

19.1. Pledge Amount 
(more info, enter the amount for which the Backer will receive an award, campaign page with examples: example 1 and example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, example 7, example 8).

19.2. Reward image (for each award, you must upload images, the image requirement).

19.3. Reward (write what you will give if the Backer pays the reward).

19.4. Estimated Delivery Month of the Reward. 

19.5. Estimated Delivery Year of the Reward.

19.6. Quantity (rewards, enter the number if the number of rewards is limited)

20. + Add (click + Add to add a reward, you need to fill in all the fields, similarly to the points: 19.1., 19.2., 19.3., 19.4., 19.5., 19.6. for each award. We recommend adding at least 5 rewards, at a cost starting from the lowest to the biggest).

21. I agree with the terms and conditions. and 22. Submit a campaign for moderation.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this news, please ask them on the Idea Jump forum in the subject (after reading points 3.001 to 3.006 first): 3. Authors of ideas (startups)

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