How to place your idea on the Idea Jump platform to attract funding

To post your idea, startup or ICO, you first need to register (if you have not already registered) on the Idea Go platform, see the blog entry (paragraphs 1 – 6): From 01 to 10 of December 2017 – first stage of Idea Jump tokens sale – from 50% to 80% bonuses

Attention! After sending the completed form, to make a campaign to raise funds, the author will not be able to do it independently. We recommend in the “Description” to place a link to the google document in which you can make additions.

Example: Idea Jump – a multilingual platform that combines crowdfunding + ICO + accelerators

The campaign description includes a link to the google document White paper Idea Jump for ICO (en)

You need to fill out a form for your fundraising company. It is desirable to first write a description in the google document, and then from the document, copy the data to the form.

Start a Campaign

1. Put the campaign title here.

2. Put the campaign description here.

3. Put Here campaign Short Description.





4. Select your campaign category (if there is not a category you need in the list, select “Soon” and write to us on e-mail: which category you want to add).





5. Separate tags with commas eg: tag1, tag2 (more info)

6. Upload a campaign feature image.

7. Put the campaign video URL here.

8. Campaign start date (dd-mm-yy) 9.Campaign end date (dd-mm-yy)

10. Minimum campaign funding amount. & 11. Maximum campaign funding amount.

12. Recomended campaign funding amount.

13. Campaign funding goal. (more info)

14. Choose the stage when campaign will end.

15. Show contributor table on campaign single page.

16. Make contributors anonymous on the contributor table.

17. Select your country.

18. Put the campaign location here.

19. Reward Option. (more info)

20. Upload a reward image.

21. Reward Description.

22. Estimated Delivery Month of the Reward. & 23. Estimated Delivery Year of the Reward

24. Quantity of physical products. 25. + Add (physical products)

26. I agree with the terms and conditions. 27. Submit Campaign.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this news, please ask them on the Idea Jump forum in the subject (after reading points 1 to 5 first): 3. Authors of ideas (startups)

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