From 01 to 10 of December 2017 – first stage of Idea Jump tokens sale – from 50% to 80% bonuses

On december 1, 2017 at 00:01 (Moscow time UTC +03:00) starts the first of five Idea Jump tokens selling stages which will last until December 10, 2017 (10 days)

$100 000 worth of tokens will be sold

Bonus spreadsheet

The amount of purchases of tokens per transaction [1] (payments in crypto currency, in equivalent USD) Bonus (%)
100 to 999 50
1 000 to 4999 60
5 000 to 9 999 70
more than 10 000 80

[1] several transactions from one token buyer are not summed by bonuses. If a token buyer wants to get the maximum bonus for the tokens, he needs to make one transaction with the maximum amount.

To purchase our tokens you need to register on our platform (if you haven’t already):

1. Click the “Login” button

2. Click the “Sign Up” link

3. Enter your username

4. Enter your e-mail

5. Enter password

6. Click the “Register” button

After registration, your authorization will take place. If authorization does not occur, please contact telegram chat: Idea Jump (English) en or e-mail:

You can buy the required amount of tokens on: Idea Jump – initial distribution of tokens (stage 1 of 5) page

7. Specify the purchase amount, in USD equivalent

8. Click the “Back This Campaign” button:

Example for 100 USD payment to Bitcoin address.

9. Enter Your First Name (required)

10. Enter Your Last Name (required)

11. Enter Your e-mail (required)

12. Notes (optional)

13. If you wish to make an anonymous purchase – specify here: “Make me Anonymous”

14. Click the “Place order” button

15. Select a cryptocurrency for payment (Bitcoin for example)

16. Choose language: English (optional)

17. Click the button: “Copy address” open your Bitcoin wallet and enter the address of the recipient from the clipboard, specify the exact amount in BTC and make a payment.

18. Click here if you have already sent Bitcoins

After receipt of payment, you will see confirmation on this page (confirmation may not occur immediately and depends on the payment and transaction processing speed).

If you have any payment difficulties or questions, ask them in telegram chat: Idea Jump (English) en or send us an e-mail:

Currently, the distribution of tokens is manual.

To receive tokens with bonuses you need to send the following information to e-mail (from e-mail specified at registration p. 11):

  • letter subject: paid – transfer “iJproject” tokens
  • name of altcoin in which payment was made
  • payment amount in altcoins
  • cryptocurrency wallet address, from which payment were made
  • payer’s first and last name
  • Your address in waves (Waves account creation instructions)

To your waves account specified in e-mail, the “iJproject” (1 token = 1 USD) tokens will be listed for the amount of your payment in the equivalent of USD +% of bonuses according to the bonus spreadsheet (see above).

If you want to buy tokens in a cryptocurrency that is not in the payment system (p. 15), please contact us via Idea Jump (English) en telegram or e-mail (from e-mail specified at registration p. 11)

  • letter subject: I want to buy “iJproject” tokens in (specify cryptocurrency)
  • amount of tokens you wish to buy (excluding bonuses)
  • cryptocurrency wallet address, from which you plan to make a payment
  • payer’s first and last name

In response, we will send you wallet address and notify the amount required for transfer.

After receipt of your funds, we will transfer “iJproject” waves tokens + bonuses (according to the bonus spreadsheet) to your address

Answers to many of your questions are here: White paper Idea Jump for ICO (en)

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this news, please ask them on the Idea Jump forum in the subject: 4.001 How to register on the platform and buy tokens

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