How to make money with Idea Jump, our affiliate program

Chapter 14 White paper Idea Jump for ICO (en)

14. Affiliate program

14.1 Terms and definitions in the affiliate program

  • affiliate – a platform user who has gone through identification, registered on our platform and distributes, in accordance with the rules, a referral link
  • referral link – a unique link, through which, when navigating, registered users and those that bought tokens on our platform are tracked
  • referral – the user who registered on our platform through a referral link

14.2 Brief description of the affiliate program

To successfully scale the project, a one-level referral program has been created on our platform.

All members of the community who have been identified and registered on our platform can receive a referral link in their personal account.

We are very interested and will support our partners in every way possible, having a large target audience of potential token buyers:

  • information resources and media
  • bloggers
  • journalists
  • YouTube channels
  • cryptocurrency-exchange
  • advertising studios
  • specialists providing services for ICO, etc.

14.3 Referral Interest

If the referral (the buyer of tokens) navigates through the referral link and is registered on the platform, then the affiliate is paid 4% of the first purchase of the referral tokens. If the token buyer independently (without the help of a partner) has filled out the form, then this amount goes to the fund for the development of the platform.

If the referral (the idea’s author) navigates to the referral link and starts a campaign on the platform, then the affiliate is paid 1% of the full amount from the ICO. If the author of the idea independently (without the help of a partner) starts a campaign, this amount goes to the fund for the development of the platform.

14.4 Procedure for the payment of referral interest

Referral interest is paid only in fiat money and only if the ICO is successfully completed. In the event that the ICO failed – the interest for the affiliate program is not paid.

To encourage information resources to publish our project: they post a referral link on their own resources and have the opportunity to earn extra money from attracted token buyers and authors of ideas.


  1. Through a referral link on our platform, a token buyer registered and made the first purchase for an amount equivalent to $ 5,000. The affiliate will receive 4% – $ 200. If there are several such buyers, the amount earned on the referral programs will be significant.
  2. Through the referral link on our platform, the author of the idea registered and launched the ICO campaign. The campaign raised an amount equivalent to $ 10,000,000. The affiliate will receive 1% – $ 100,000.

Registration in the affiliate program is very simple:

Follow the link:




Fill in the fields and click “Sign up






Copy your affiliate link and send it to the authors of ideas and token buyers.





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