Idea Jump press release October, 23 2017

Idea Jump – a platform that combines crowdfunding + ICO + accelerators offers to discuss the white paper of its project.

We identified 7 main problems that are typical for crowdfunding and ICO platforms in many countries around the world, and offer their solution:

  1. The ICO is not regulated legally.
  2. Slow publication of projects.
  3. Most platforms are not multi-lingual.
  4. There is no identification of buyers of tokens, and persons who acquire them for cryptocurrency, may not have proof of legality of its origin.
  5. There are risks of theft of funds by dishonest project authors.
  6. There are difficulties in converting large sums from various cryptocurrencies, raised on the ICO, into fiat currency by the project authors.
  7. There are no legal mechanisms for obtaining funds from the authors of projects and buyers of tokens during the ICO.

A partnership program is implemented on the platform, which allows everyone to earn money.

The initial distribution of 10 million tokens will take place from 01 to 10 December 2017 on platform with 50% to 80% bonuses. See white paper for details.

The organizers invite all mass media to cover this project as information sponsors and will be very grateful for informing their target audience.

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